This fall Hem releases the new Bon Poufs in five brand new colors in two different 
contract-grade fabrics – Razzle Dazzle and Uniform Melange, from progressive 
Dutch textile mill FEBRIK. 

The Bon Pouf Family is ideal either for sitting or for propping up tired feet. Find the 
colors and shapes that match your space and build your own Bon collection

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The Factory


Hems signature pattern, the Razzle Dazzle fabric, and the brand-new addition, the Uniform Mélange fabric are both carefully produced in FEBRIKs impressive factories in the Netherlands. Made from an over 60% wool blend, both fabrics have expensive feel and a lustrous effect, turning the Bon Poufs into beautiful eye-catchers.





The Uniform Melange fabric

With a smooth appearance and compliant nature, the 3D-knitted Uniform Melange is easy to befriend. The combination of the two tones of threads, gives the fabric a lustrous effect, especially striking with the deep-blue Ink color and the shimmering Peacock green.





The Razzle Dazzle fabric 

Designed by long-term Hem collaborator Sylvain Willenz, and named after the camouflage technique that inspired its complex pattern of intersecting lines, Razzle Dazzle is a lush fabric with a lively character.


Factory Pictures by FEBRIK