As summer moves on in Stockholm, Sweden Hem’s new Headquarter is getting a colourful new appearance to last through the seasons: chlorophyll greens, ink blues and sandy nudes from the Hem’s new 2017 collection are now in the focus of the offices open interior with its
continuous glass facade.



Hai Chair in Ink, Bon Pouf Round in Shell, Roulé Tray Large in Brass, Pomme in Dark Cork

Last Stool Splatter in Green/Pink, All Hem Accessories Udon Chair, Bookmatch Table, Last Stool in Brass


Green plants, zigzagging dividers and groups of selected sets of Hem furniture create small islands throughout the room, inviting the Hem staff and welcoming architects, interior designers and other design-lovers to meet, relax or hide.


Hai Chair in Peacock, Zig Zag Shelf, All Wood Stool Alle Conference Table in Black, Udon Chair in Natural Beech,Last Stool in White


The new highlight of the main room is the BAUX wall in a custom-picked mud green
color to both cancel out unwanted noises, and adding the finishing touch to the
interiors aesthetics.



 Photography: Mikael Lundblad